Paul Andrew Williams

Paul was always an explosion of creativity waiting to burst out, which first happened when he was in his teens, dabbling in drama and National Youth Theatre.

After eight years in front of the camera he decided to use the money from his role in Speilberg's "Band of Brothers" to launch his career as a director. Setting up a company, raising a bit of money and shooting gave him the impetus to keep on going. He ended up at his parent’s house, which is where he wrote and kicked off the feature "London To Brighton". The film was made for very little, has since won major awards and was one of the best-reviewed British Films of recent times. Next up was dark comedy "The Cottage", which sold all around the world, picked up by Sony for the US.

Last year he went back to more serious territory with, “Cherry Tree Lane”, out this September and getting shining reviews in the film world. Recently he has completed two commercials, one for domestic violence, one very funny viral for Halifax and has just completed a music video trilogy for UNKLE. Having dipped his toe in the world of advertising he sees this as a great outlet for his enthusiastic talent.

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