Stephen Mead

Stephen is from a design background and combines an eye for the aesthetic with the practical skill of how to achieve it. He has become one of the world’s leading beauty directors and is passionate about photography light and women. He loves the challenge of bringing new images to life and his desire to push the boundaries of an idea means he is often called upon to launch new campaigns and revitalise old ones. In previous incarnations he was a theatre designer and a special effects director. Now for the past ten years, he has run Short Films with his producer Holly Hartley. Always with the aim of putting soul into beauty advertising; his mission is to capture the fleeting moment of the unexpected.

When Stephen isn’t directing people, he spends his time drawing them.

Celebrities commercials include:

Jennifer Aniston - Kate Beckinsale - Beyonce - Jessica Biel - Rose Byrne - Naomi Campbell - Tess Daly- Fan Bingbing - Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - Tina Fey - Li Bingbing - David Ginola - Sarah Jessica Parker - Diane Lane - Elle Macpherson - Ashwarya Rai - Camilla Rutherford - Claudia Schiffer - Rachel Wiesz -Zhang Ziyi

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Christophe Chudy

Christophe Chudy has directed commercials for prestigious beauty brands Dior, Garnier, Kerastase, Franck Provost, Clarins and l’Oreal.

Prior to becoming a beauty director, Christophe worked as a photographer, editor, graphic designer and DJ. His love and passion for music is clear in his work and shows through the emphasis he places on the rhythm of the image. He is a director by day and an underground DJ by night, you could say that when Christophe isn’t shooting, he still works on sets!

Chudy’s work is highly conceptual and his minimalist sensuality results in pure story.

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Toby Tremlett

Toby always wanted to be a film-maker. When he was quite a young man he wrote a short script which won a competition to get it made into a film, so he went to Hollywood to get it made. It didn’t get made - Thus, He learned his first lesson about Hollywood. So… he became a PA over there working on some incredible music videos, and then very quickly he became a grip and a bit of a lighting dude on a couple of movies. He couldn’t keep still or maybe it was a visa thing, so he went to film school back in the UK to learn how to direct.

Then he won some awards for his short films at film school. This led to him editing a movie. It won lots of awards, Berlin and others too... He got a bit fed up being stuck in a dark room in Soho so he started directing music videos. He won some more awards for those. Then he started directing commercials. This took him all over the world. He’s won awards for some of those too. He got to work with tons of amazing clients like Cadillac, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Unilever, Pontiac, T-Mobile and L’Oréal (a lot).

Now Toby is developing several movie projects, trying to stop smoking and becoming quite a good cook, but most of the time he gets to work with people he loves in exotic places and makes a lot of interesting new friends.

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Pedro Suárez

Pedro has found his niche eliciting moving and personal testaments from ordinary people. His style is invisible, his eye sharp, and his ability to mentally edit as he interviews captures authentic sentiment. He handles actors and street interviews in a way that blurs the boundaries between scripted and documentary and is surprisingly comfortable working in different languages.

Originally from Mexico City, Pedro started his film career in New York where he obtained a BFA from NYU. His student work received recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures and he won the Audience Award at the Encounters Short Film Festival in Britain.

He has subsequently directed commercials and digital content around the world for Dove, Nestlé, Samsung, EE, Royal Mail and Harpers and Collins among others.

He has embraced London through the flat cap and now has more than one for every day of the month.

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